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32 Ways to Build the Coolest Tree House


When we were younger, the thought of having a tree house was a dream come true. It’s a place where we could escape, play with friends, and hideaway. But building a treehouse isn’t just for children. It’s a project that adults can enjoy too. Building a treehouse in your backyard is a way to upgrade your home, satisfy the child within, and add value to your property. This blog post will take you through the 32 ways to build the coolest treehouse so that you can create your own magical and unforgettable escape.

1. Choose a good tree:

The type of tree you choose will have a big impact on your project and safety. Consider the size of the trunk, its health and structure, and location.

2. Plan:

Before you begin your project, plan and sketch out your ideas, including the treehouse's design and location. You'll need to decide on the height, shape, materials, and access to the treehouse.

3. Measure:

Measure the tree’s diameter at different heights to determine the size of the platform in the treehouse.

4. Support the tree:

Consider using tree-friendly hardware for your treehouse, as tree growth can be affected by screws and bolts. Try to use components that clamp or strap your treehouse together, and avoid drilling holes too deep into the tree.

5. Build a sturdy platform:

Your platform needs to be strong, as it’s the foundation of your dream treehouse. The right materials can help with this, and consider the weight requirements for each beam and support post.

6. Stairs, ladders, and zip lines:

Adding an entry function will make your treehouse more fun and accessible. Wooden ladders, spiral staircases, and rope bridges are popular options that appeal to both adults and children.

7. Accessorize inside and out:

You should consider installing doors, windows, slides, rope swings, and nets for both practicality and fun.

8. Use the right materials:

Wood is the best option because it blends well with the tree, but other options include natural materials like bark, rocks, and leaves.

9. High-quality Hardware:

You may want to use high-quality metal hardware because it is known to be sturdy and solid.

10. Take your time, and get help if you need it:

You may need to ask for help from someone or hire a professional to help with the project- build your treehouse for safety is always important.

11. Use visualization tools:

Visualization tools can help create images of your treehouse design. For example, Google Sketchup offers drawings and 3D models that can guide you in building your dream treehouse and help with possible spacing issues.

12. Railing and guardrails:

It is essential to protect everyone while they’re in the treehouse. Adding guardrails can also make your treehouse appear more polished and official.

13. Roof and gutters:

A roof over your head is necessary to protect against the elements. Gutters are also necessary for rainwater so that it stays away from the treehouse platform.

14. Electrical power:

You can add electricity to your treehouse, depending on its usage and location. This will depend on the treehouse’s size and use, as well as any local building codes.

15. Spotlights and outdoor lighting:

Along with electricity, ther eis a need for outdoor lighting. The lighting system should turn on by motion or shine above the deck to prevent glare.

16. Entertainment and game equipment:

Accessories for treehouses are still needed. You may consider things like small televisions, board games, gaming consoles, miniature golf courses as well as checkers boards or chess sets.

17. Decorate:

Do not forget to decorate your treehouse living space to make it more accented. Decorations like baker’s furniture, swing sofas, a bookshelf, or art can improve it.

18. Location of the treehouse:

The location must always beon passable ground. It shouldn’t be too close to or under any power lines.

19. Unique features:

You can add unique features like secret doors or escape tunnels to make it enjoyable.

20. Build an outdoor bathroom:

If the treehouse is large, you may want to consider an outdoor bathroom so the visitors don't need to go inside the home.

21. Design like a tiny beach house:

Using a beach theme to decorate your treehouse can make the visitors feel like they are at the beach!

22. Natural landscape:

Decorating a treehouse can involve planting flowers or installing green spaces to match the landscape and make it look natural.

23. Variety of textures:

A broad and various range of textures and colors from wood, metal, or inanimate objects can make it more enthralling.

24. Unique Design:

A unique design will make your treehouse stand out. For example, designing the treehouse to look like a tower on a tree could distinguish it from other treehouses.

25. Luxury:

Luxury items attract more visitors to a treehouse. So, adding a hot tube or sauna can make it stand out.

26. Low maintenance decoration:

Theft and weather changes can damage decorations in the treehouses. So, consider using materials like metal or rocks for decoration to prevent long-term damage.

27. Fire Safety:

You can fireproof your treehouses, especially in dry areas. It is essential to use materials like concrete, cement, or bricks when building your treehouse.

28. Easy to clean:

Consider easy to clean materials like metal, tiles, or waterproof wood when decorating the treehouses.

29. Tree species guide:

Different tree species require different maintenance and support, so a guide should be indicated to make sure the treehouse matches the specific tree type.

30. Airflow:

You can design your treehouse to maximize airflow, which could be helpful during warmer weather months.

31. Adaptablity:

Try to create a treehouse that can adapt itself to the climate change in your area so that it will keep it long-lasting.

32. Safe for pets:

If you plan to bring pets up to the treehouse, you'll need to design it with their safety in mind. For example, a fenced-in area for them to stay secure.

In conclusion, whether you are mesmerized by Wisconsin's beauty, or looking to check out phenomenal California destinations, many of these areas will have trees.  And, building a treehouse is a perfect way to satisfy your inner child, upgrade your personal space, and add value to your property. The steps chosen should be done carefully and should be implemented with safety in mind to ensure their longevity. These 32 ways to build the coolest treehouse will serve as a guide that you can use when bringing your dream treehouse to life. Ultimately, the space you create should be functional, fun, and match your style.

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